23 March

The Top 50 Hottest Trainers in America
We went on a major manhunt to find the finest looking men of fitness from around the nation! By Shape Editors

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24 FEB.

Christopher Power. 120lbs soaking wet / 2001 - 185lbs / 2013.
Expectations are high… EXCEED those expectations. Be Inspired. Work Harder.

18 FEB.

The Human Fit Project's team of athletes have been featured in Men's Fitness "the Fit 5: Staying Lean All Year Long." Full Story

Christopher Power,  ACE-CPT

"Strength training will add lean muscle and lean muscle will burn more calories. Cardio, especially interval training, is great way to burn calories and assist in lowering your body fat percentage, but it won't do much more building muscle mass. I'd say a 75/25 split between weight training & cardio is an effective ratio to develop muscle and burn additional calories during workouts. Far too many people still believe cardio is for fat loss and weight training is to get big."

30 SEPT.

A community, which provides resources for people on everything and anything fitness-related including full workout programs, dieting tips, recipes, inspirational stories and more. HFP delivers fitness and active-lifestyle content that inspires, provokes action, and makes a difference.

Mike Simone Associate Editor for and HUMANFITPROJECT founder, announces today the official launch of, a website devoted to everything and anything fitness-related from full workout programs to dieting tips, inspirational stories and more. As Founder and Digital Content Director, he is responsible for developing the company's digital growth strategy and managing the initiatives and implementation for respective online properties, including websites, video, digital magazine editions, tablets and mobile apps and more.

The HUMANFITPROJECT brand provides information and resources on fitness along with informing on the benefits of living an active life. The site provides numerous ways that visitors can learn, share and become part of a community dedicated to non-gimmick, and non-overly commercialized aspects of fitness.

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